Ultraviolet Lamps

Environmentally Friendly

Virtually eliminates microbiological contaminant without the use of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Let us keep track of your yearly replacement bulbs and deliver right to your door. Undersink/whole house or 1/2 gallon for your water cooler. London municipal water requires a 5-micron pre-filter before U.V. Water harder than 7 grains of hardness requires a water softener and a water test.

We carry Trogan/Sterilight/ U.V. Dynamics

Under Sink.

1/2 - 2 - gallon unit  $317.00 - 380.00
(electrical outlet required & 5-micron pre-filter)
yearly lamp replacment is $66.00 - $85.00


Whole House.

5 - 12 - gallon unit  $437.00 - $674.00 (may require a water softener & pre-filtration), yearly lamp replacement is $94.00 - $120.00

Sterilight systems carry a 7 year warranty on the stainless steel reactor chamber, a 1 year warranty on the UV lamps and monitor probes, and a 5 year pro-rated warranty on all other components.


  Part Number Description Price
  SQ-PA 1/2 gpm, 304 stainless steel chamber, quartz sleeve, remote ballast with LED "POWER" indicator & "lamp-out" audible alarm, 1/4" MNPT connections, 100-13OV./50-60Hz.
Parts: UV Lamp, S212RL, quartz, QS-212, ballast, BA-ICE-1F (electronic ICE ballist)
Price: 317.10
Weights: 4 LBS
  S1Q-PA 1 gpm, 304 stainless steel chamber, quartz sleeve, remote ballast with LED "POWER" indicator & "lamp-out" audible alarm, 1/4" MNPT connections, 100-130O./50-60Hz
Parts: UV Lamp, S287RL, quartz, QS-001, ballast, BA-ICE-IF (electronic ICE ballast)
Price: 327.67
Weight: 5 LBS
  S2Q 2 USGPM, 304 Stainless Steel chamber, Quartz sleeve, Aluminum Enclosure, Audible Alarm  $380.00
  S5Q 5 USGPM, 304 Stainless Steel chamber, Quartz sleeve, Aluminum Enclosure, Audible Alarm  $430.00
  S8Q 8 USGPM, 304 Stainless chamber, Quartz sleeve, Aluminum Enclosure, Audible Alarm  $535.00
  S12Q 12 USGPM, 304 Stainless chamber, Quartz sleeve, Aluminum Enclosure base, Audible Alarm  $674.00
  S24Q  24 USGPM, 316L Stainless chamber, Quartz sleeve, Aluminum Enclosure base, Audible alarm  $1800.00


 40 USGPM, 316L Stainless Steel chamber, Quartz sleeve, Aluminum Enclosure , Audible alarm


Ultraviolet Sterilizer Replacement Lamps

Part Number Description Price
 S212RL 1/2 USGPM Units  $64.85
 S287RL 1 USGPM Units  $70.97
S330RL 2 USGPM Units $77.01
 S463RL 5 USGPM Units  $86.07
 S810RL 8 USGPM Units  $102.68
 S36RL 12 - 100 USGPM Units   $102.68

Is UV 100% effective ?
UV disinfection typically offers a 99.99% reduction in both bacteria and virus and is more effective than chemical disinfection processes at destroying viruses.
Does UV remove E.coli ? 
Yes, E.coli requires a UV dose of between 6 to 10ml/cm2 to achieve 4-log disinfection. This is well within the capabilites of Sterlight UV System.
How much does it cost to operate ?
UV sytems are extremely economical to operate. A typical household UV system operates on the same power requirements as a 40 watt lightbulb!
Will UV change the taste or smell of my water ?
UV is a physical disinfection process, no additives are required. It does not change the taste or odour of the water,  it simply provides safe reliable disinfection.

How do I know the system is working ?
All UV systems come with "lamp-out" monitors which give an audible and visual signal in case of lamp failure. Sterilight GOLD systems incorporate true UV intensity monitors so an alarm will sound if the disinfection effectiveness falls below a safe level.

Why do I need disinfection ?
Disinfection is required on all water supplies that are not protected by a municipal water source. Due to the uncertainties that exist within some water sytems, we can no longer rely on the fact that our water supplies "may be safe." By providing your own disinfection, you are taking the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the water supply for you and your family.

Do I need to Disinfect My Municipal Water Supply ?
Our municipalities work very hard to provide safe disinfected water supplies to their customers. However you way wish to give yourself that added "peace of mind" and install a UV sterilizer to protect against the possibility of drinking contaminated water.

What are the annual maintenance requirements ?

UV systems contain no mechanical parts that wear out or require maintenance. UV lamps have a useful life of approximately 8,000 hours and require replacements annually. Proper maintenance of any pretreatment system is also required.
Should I be concerned about the adequacy of my electrical system ?
The UV system requires consistent power, both voltage and frequency. To compensate for the fluctuations in power supplies, Sterlight systems incorporate proprietary ICE ballast technology to provide constant output voltage regardless of the fluctuations. This results in consistent UV output and UV dose.

What size of system do I need ?
An average houshold UV will range in size from 5 to 12 gpm. Determining your pumps flow rate will typically determine your required flow rate. (Sterilight offers many different models in sizes ranging from 1/2 gpm to 1,00 gpm.)

Should I shut my sytem off when I am not using it ?
The UV , to be effective,should be left on at all times. By leaving the unit on, you will eliminate the potential problem of having contamination pass through the sytem while the unit is off.

Do I need to worry about the quality of my water prior to the UV ?
For UV to be effective, it is recommended that the influent water contain less that the following: iron less than 0.3 ppm hydrogen sulphide less that 10 ppm suspended solids less than 10 ppm manganese less than 0.05 ppm hardness less than 7 gpg.
All conditions are treatable. To obtain adequate water quilty for the UV, please consult your local water treatment professional for further assistance. To validate the disinfection process, it is important to have the water tested for bacteriological contaminants on a regular basis.

Is UV effective against propzoa such as Cryptospridium and Giardia Lamblia ("Beaver Feaver") ?
Yes, as a result of recent findings by academic researchers,it has now been proven that UV appears to be the best available technology to treat protozoam cysts. In addition, the dose levels required to inactivate these cysts are actually quite low; less than 10ml/cm2 for 99.99% reduction of both Cyrptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia. 

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